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The Queen of the spelling bees is announced. Click here to find out who.

March 12, 2017

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Would you like to read a story that is written by one of your friends?

April 12, 2017

How to spell?

Get to know the semi-rules of spelling English words by reading this article.

May 12, 2017

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Because we care about you, student. Tell your parents that this website is for your future! How?

When you visit this website everyday for five minutes only, your English language will grow more than what you ever expected!

This website is mainly for English language improvement. However, grade four students are the potential target of this website. An English teacher who works in an independent school in Qatar came up with the idea. She wants to add her own touch to the English curriculum that she teaches for her students. She believes that her students and all other students around Qatar and around the world are interested in any tool that has to do with their development. 

There are many enrichment activities that a fourth-grade student can have while studying English. Thus, the website idea comes to manage the time that every teacher would question when it comes to apply more activities. Also, publishing this website helps provide a chance for all the students in Qatar to benefit from it. 


The friendly design of the website is always updating for the little learners. The lessons are added accordingly with the content of English textbook. Some games are waiting for the winners to play and have fun leaning new rules. There is a window that any student can write to us through it, commenting about their experience. Moreover, there is a Contact Us page that has all the information that any audience would like to know about the editor. Finally, if you have any questions or any suggestions you can send them by using the contact form in the Contact Us page. 

For Parents 


In this website, we are welling to communicate with parents who have grade-four students in Qatari Independent Schools. Because we know that parents aim for the best achievement, and so we do, this website provides hundreds of worksheets from different areas to support grade-four students and their teachers. 

As a parent, you can download any worksheet for free. Also, you can contact us through the Contact Form. 

A phone number is provided here for inquiry calls...

English Standards ​

All Independent schools in Qatar follow the same standards to be achieved by the end of grade-four. If you like to own a copy and have a greater idea about English standards for grade four, click on SAVE OUR STANDARDS.  


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